Chicken Donuts

It’s snack time again!!! I have been making more snacks at home now a days since the lock down is started. When all are at home, there is more demand for snacking and I too get in to a mood to make more snacks. Usually I am not a great fan of deep fried snacks as they need a good amount of oil. The thought that reusing hot oil is not a healthy idea and the guilty feeling in wasting all that leftover oil, I always hesitate to make deep fried snacks. But that doesn’t stop me to make fried snacks once in a while as they have their own unique taste, flavor and crispyness which no other snack can replace. And of course it’s home made goodness!!!

If you are following my previous blog posts, you must have realized by now that I have a soft corner for non veg snacks. I got the idea of these chicken donuts recipe from my mother’s recipe collection. She has the habit of collecting recipes that she finds interesting from Vanitha and other magazines. She cut the recipe and and staple it in her recipe book. Now there is a big collection of paper strips with interesting recipes in her recipe book. Even if she has not tried many of those recipes till now, she keep it as a treasure always.

This is again an easy snack which is one good reason for me to make it. You have the option of boiling chicken and potato in advance, refrigerate it and mix it with other ingredients and fry it when you need it. It looks very much like our “uzhunnu vada/medu vada” but with the twist of chicken. And the chicken donuts were finished in no time. So I don’t need to say how tasty they are. It is a savory version of donuts and ketchup is a perfect dip to pair it with. If you have a party or get together at home, give a surprise to your guests with these non veg donuts!!

Please read the Tips section for additional tips on making these chicken donuts.

Ingredients: (Yields 10 to 12 donuts)

  1. Chicken cooked and minced 1.5 cup ( I cooked 250gm chicken breast with 1/2 tsp pepper and salt and minced it)
  2. Potato boiled and mashed 1 small
  3. All purpose flour/Maida 1/2 cup
  4. Bread crumbs 2 tbsp
  5. Onion thinly chopped 2 tbsp
  6. Green chili thinly chopped 3
  7. Garlic minced 1 tsp
  8. Mint leaves thinly chopped 2 tbsp
  9. Curry leaves thinly chopped 2 tbsp
  10. Pepper powder 1/2 tsp
  11. Baking powder 1/4 tsp
  12. Egg beaten 1
  13. Salt to taste
  14. Oil for deep frying


  1. In a small bowl, mix together baking powder and all purpose flour.
Mixing all purpose flour and baking powder
  1. In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients using your hand until everything is well combined.
Mixing all ingredients together

Forming a smooth dough
  1. Make round balls, flatten it with the palm of your hand in to a round circle and make a hole in the middle using your finger.(Read Tips Section)
Shaping the donuts
  1. Heat oil on medium to high flame in a frying pan until oil is hot enough. Fry donuts in oil for 2 to 3 minutes on both sides until it is golden brown. If the oil turns very hot, reduce the flame to medium.(Read Tips Section)
Frying in oil


  1. I used 250 gm boneless chicken breast to get 1.5 cups of minced chicken.
  2. For cooking chicken, you can cut chicken in to cubes and boil with 1/2 tsp pepper, salt and 1/2 cup water in a sauce pan until it is cooked. Another option is to pressure cook chicken cubes with 1/2 tsp pepper, salt and 1/4 cup water for 1 to 2 whistles.
  3. When cooked chicken is cooled, mince it in a mixer/food processor.
  4. You can use a food processor to mix all ingredients together in step 2.
  5. While shaping donuts, dip hands in water to avoid sticking.
  6. I used vegetable oil for frying these donuts. If the oil turns very hot, the outer covering of the donut gets darker quickly while inside is not properly cooked. So reduce the flame accordingly.
  7. This is a medium spicy donut. You can add more green chilli if you prefer a spicy donut.