Beef Ularthiyathu/ Kerala Style Beef fry

I am an ardent fan of beef recipes. I have already shared my beef cutlet and beef puffs recipes. Of all the beef recipes that I tried, this is the one which is very close to my heart. I learned to prepare this dish from my mother. This was one of her staple dish which was a favorite for all of us. It was usually for Sunday lunch that she used to prepare this dish. I remember those days when me and my brother on our way back from church, as we reach the front gate of our house, we could feel the aroma of beef cooking with spices. This is a very fond memory which always flashes in my mind when I cook beef ularthiyathu myself.

I cannot stay away from a plate of rice with moru curry and beef ularthiyathu at any time of the day. Not only me, all in my family are beef lovers especially my younger one. He is the one who gives me friendly reminders whenever he finds a long absence of beef ularthiyathu.
The key point in making a perfect beef ularthiyathu is to fry it on low flame spreading evenly on the frying pan until the beef pieces are fried well.Though this process is a bit lengthy one, it is well worth.

This is a dry dish which pairs well with rice, chappathi, porotta etc…If you ask me, I would say you should enjoy it as a finger snack:) If you are a beef lover, you will love it. This is one among the most sought after street foods and Toddy shop dishes in Kerala.

It is a make ahead dish that can be refrigerated for few days. Do try it and enjoy…If you like this recipe, share it with your family and friends.

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Kerala meat puffs


For Marination:
  1. Beef cubed in to small pieces 1kg
  2. Coconut slices 1/2 to 3/4 cup
  3. Turmeric Powder 3/4 tsp.
  4. Chilli powder 1 tbsp.
  5. Corriander powder 2.5 tbsp.
  6. Pepper powder 1 tsp.
  7. Garam masala 1 tsp.
  8. Vinegar 2 tsp.
  9. Ginger-garlic paste 4 tbsp.
  10. Salt to taste
For frying:
  1. Onion 1 medium sized
  2. Curry leaves 2 sprigs
  3. Mustard seeds 1 tsp.
  4. Any deep frying oil (I used coconut oil)


  1. Clean beef in water and squeeze out any excess water.
  2. Marinate it with the ingredients under marination. Pressure cook marinated beef for 3 to 4 whistles. When the pressure releases by itself, open the cooker. If there is excess water, cook it uncovered on high flame until the water is evaporated. This is called vattikkal.
Pessure cook marinated beef and do the vattikkal
  1. In a heavy bottomed / non stick frying pan, heat oil. When oil is hot enough, splutter mustard seeds. Fry onion and curry leaves for a few minutes. When onion is lightly browned, add cooked beef mixture and mix well. Cook the beef uncovered on low flame spreading it evenly in the pan until the beef is well dried and is fried enough. It took around 30 minutes for me. Stir in between to avoid sticking on pan. Add few more curry leaves and mix well for final garnishing.
Frying cooked beef
Beef ularthiathu is ready


  1. I have addded coconut slices while frying onions in pictures above.Usually it is mixed with marinated beef and cook it on pressure cooker.
  2. Take care not to overcook the beef pieces in the pressure cooker. This will result in beef pieces to break while frying.
  3. You can refrigerate or freeze (for longer use) the cooked beef and fry it when needed.
  4. This is a medium spicy dish. You can adjust the heat(chili powder) as per your spice tolerance.