Chicken Ranch Tortilla Wrap

This is an easy chicken wrap that can be on your rescue on a busy day or while packing an easy picnic lunch. If you enjoy wraps, this is a great option to try. It looks very much like the frankies or kathi roll but with a different filling option. If you have leftover cooked chicken, this wrap can be prepared in a short time. It is packed with shredded chicken, lettuce, onion, tomatoes and cheese with a delicious ranch dressing to flavor it. The leftovers from the roasted chicken always comes very handy to me for quick recipes like this. You can cook chicken breasts with pepper and salt on stovetop or in a pressure cooker/instant pot. Get a rotisserie chicken to make it more easier for a gathering.

These wraps can be served in full or cut in to halves and serve as an appetizer. Make it more nutritious adding veggies of your choice and using veggie wraps like spinach wraps. I have used flour tortilla in this wrap. There are many variations of tortillas available in the market like whole wheat tortilla, corn tortilla(gluten free) etc. You can try it with roti/chappathi too.


  1. Cooked chicken shredded using a fork 1.5 to 2 cup
  2. Chopped onion 1
  3. Chopped tomato 1
  4. Lettuce thinly chopped 1/2 cup
  5. Ranch dressing 1/4 cup
  6. Cream cheese 2 tbsp. (Optional)
  7. Mozzarella cheese 2 tbsp.
  8. Pepper powder to taste
  9. Tortilla 5 to 6


  1. In a bowl, add shredded chicken, chopped onion, chopped tomato, chopped lettuce, pepper powder, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese(if using) and ranch dressing. Mix together everything using a fork. The filling is ready.
Mix all ingredients in a small bowl
  1. Heat tortilla as per the package instructions. I toasted it on a heated pan for 30 to 40 seconds on both sides.
  1. Now add 2 to 3 tbsp of filling on the middle of each tortilla and wrap it by folding both sides to each other.
Fold both sides


  1. Cream cheese is optional. It gives a tanginess to the filling. If you don’t prefer very tangy filling, you may omit it.